Master's programm "High performance computing"

Professor V.V. Voevodin, Professor N.N. Popova

The Master's programme "Technologies of Parallel Programming and High Performance Computing" aims at training professionals in the fields of parallel computing, practical development technologies for effective parallel programs involved in the active transition to multi-machine and multi-processor systems, including multi-core cluster and require a more active study of various aspects of parallel data processing.
The programme is aimed at preparing highly qualified specialists in the field of applied mathematics and systems programming, capable of making good use of modern high performance computing architectures.


  • Mathematical modelling
  • Software for modern computer complexes
  • Parallel programming for high-performance computational systems
  • Nature-inspired models of parallel computation
  • Technology of distributed data storage and processing
  • Supercomputer simulations and technologies
  • Parallel processing of large graphs
  • Parallel computing
  • Optional subject for master students: parallel computing
  • Courses (in English)
  • Russia language
  • Modern philosophy and methodology for science
  • History and methodology for applied mathematics and computer sciencev
  • Specialised seminar
  • Research work