Master program "Software for Computer Networks"

This program aims to prepare hig

Professor V.A. Sukhomlin

The educational programme aims to prepare the graduates for activities requiring in-depth fundamental and professional knowledge, including research in applied mathematics and computer technology, development and use of mathematical models for processes and objects, development and application of advanced mathematical methods and software to address problems in science, technology, economics and management.The Software for Computer Networks Master’s programme trains professionals competent in methodological foundations of complex project development, modern systems of standards, methods and technologies of systems design, testing, and integration.
The students study modern paradigms and programming languages, network technologies and their standardization, databases in networks, database standardization, distributed office technologies, workflow management technologies, object-oriented distributed technologies and their standardization, open platform operating systems, automation technologies for information system life cycle, fourth generation languages, Internet technologies and their standardization, technologies of human-computer interface, multimedia, and virtual reality and information systems security management.

  the 1st term the 2nd term the 3rd term the 4th term
Subject h/w   h/w   h/w   h/w  
Continious mathematical models 2 exam            
Discrete and probability models     2 exam        
Optimization and numerical methods         2 exam    
Object oriented programming languages and systems 2 exam            
Modern operating systems     2 exam        
Network technologies         2 exam    
Methodology and history of applied mathematics and informatics         2 test    
Foreign language 4 test 4 exam        
Modern philosophy and science methodology 2 test 2 exam        
The Internet Technologies         2 exam    
Object Oriented CASE-Technologies 2 test            
Analysis of Information Technologies 2 exam            
Modern Programming Paradigms     2 exam        
Business Law     2 test        
Telecommunication Technologies     2 test        
Distributed Object Technologies         2 exam    
Local Networks Administrating         2 test    
Network Security         2 exam    
JAVA Programming of Internet Applications             2 exam
Business Planning of Investment with Information Systems             2 exam
Object Oriented Data Bases             2 exam
Selective course     2 exam 2 exam 2 exam
Special seminar 2 test 2 test 2 test 2 test
Term paper       grade        
master thesis               grade
state exam               grade